Case Study: Importing Personal Goods to the UK

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We’re thrilled to see the popularity of our new Expordite® Move service!

Today, we’d like to share a case study of one of the customers, who needed help moving their belongings to the United Kingdom by post.

Case Study

A software developer moved to the UK from Spain in late 2022 with their family on a work visa. They required some help in moving their belongings, such as books, clothing, and items of sentimental value, to the UK by post.

Our support involved:

  • Guiding them through the process of moving their belongings to the UK;
  • Supporting them with completion of the TOR1 declaration for their items;
  • Helping them complete CN22 and CN23 – the customs declarations required for shipping goods into the UK.

And to complete the latter task, we used the Expordite® software – specifically, the declaration completion feature and the feature that allowed us to save the declarations as templates.

Completing the first CN23 declaration took 20 minutes. But thanks to the template feature, we were able to save a lot of time on completing other declarations!

Here is how some of the declarations were displayed in the client account’s interface:

CN22/23 customer portal
Names of the goods and parts of the declarations’ names are omitted for privacy reasons

Note the short time gaps between the declarations! Indeed, once I created the first one at 1:29 pm, it only took 5-6 minutes to create the rest.For this specific case, our team helped the client complete the declarations. However, you can also use the Expordite® software to do them yourself in our portal as part of our Expordite® Move service. It’s very easy and intuitive to use, but feel free to reach out to us if you’ve got any questions.

If you’re moving to the UK and need help moving your belongings, contact Expordite® today!

Watch our video below to learn more about how we can help:


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