Moving Your Belongings to the UK? Here’s How We Can Help

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Moving belongings to the UK

Moving to another country can be stressful. And we at Expordite® have been receiving a number inquiries from people relocating to the UK on skilled worker, global talent, and other visas who needed help with moving their belongings. If you’re looking to move to the UK soon, this update is for you!

Expordite’s New Service

There are a number of formalities and challenges involved with moving your belongings to the UK, which many people don’t take into account. That’s no surprise, as there’s so much to consider when moving to a new country.

For that reason, Expordite® is now proud to offer a new service specifically for people moving their belongings to the UK. If that’s you, we’ll:

  • Guide you through the entire process of moving your belongings to the UK – irrespective of your immigration status;
  • Support you with your Transfer of Residence (ToR1) relief application and obtaining your unique reference number, to make sure you get relief on your customs charges;
  • Help you complete CN22 / CN23 forms, which are required to send your belongings to the UK by post. You can use Expordite® software to generate them, or our experts can complete them for you;
  • Support you with any other issues related  to moving your belongings to the UK.

The flat service fee is £230 excluding VAT and any customs or postal charges or fees.

If you need help moving your belongings to the UK, access our service here*, or at the top of the homepage. You can also book a free, no-obligation call with us to see how we can make it easier for you to relocate to the UK.

Our experts offer support in several languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch, and Russian.

We look forward to helping you move!

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*This service does not constitute legal advice and is subject to the Terms and Conditions.

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