Expordite – Who We Are

About Expordite Software

Expordite® is an HMRC-recognised cloud-based browser SaaS which helps British traders and freight forwarders with export compliance and risk assessment. It’s integrated with HMRC’s APIs and its new customs declarations software CDS.

We’re listed on the HMRC’s directory of customs declaration software providers.

Here’s a brief overview of what we can offer:

  • Fast customs duties and taxes calculation
  • Integration with HMRC’s customs declarations CDS software
  • Completion of different export declarations (CDS and postal) and saving them as templates
  • Customised access to curated export content related to your industry
  • (Upcoming) Customised risk assessment of selling to foreign markets

You can access Expordite software from the top of the homepage.

Our Values

Expordite's values
Simplicity Expertise Communication Innovation Precision Openness
Making int. trade compliance and risk assessment as simple as possible is Expordite’s key offering At the core of our software is our expertise that we’re constantly harnessing and sharing with you, so that you can boost your own and empower your teams. Each exported product carries your message into the world. We want to ensure it gets there, hassle-free. And to achieve that, we listen to you, we get to know you and your risks and pain points, and help you address them the way you need. We believe innovation goes hand-in-hand with simplicity. Compliance with trade regulations & risk assessment can be complicated, but through the innovative use of technology and expertise of our people, we make it simpler for exporters every day. We strive to ensure that our offerings are accurate, truthful and up-to-date by integrating with HMRC’s APIs that provide the latest data, and closely following the international trade news and events in the UK. We are always open to new information and ideas – whether they come from customers, colleagues or institutions. After all, that’s the best way to learn and provide the best service to our clients.

Expordite® is a registered trademark.

About the Founder

Kate Sukhanova photo

Kate Sukhanova

Before founding Expordite®, I was an in-house lawyer for a large international company whilst helping my friend take her social enterprise to the international markets.

That’s where my passion about international trade and helping businesses make the most of global markets comes from. I’ve seen first-hand how it can transform businesses and take them to the next level. But I’ve also seen how challenging it can be.

In my legal role, I spent many hours navigating the long and confusing export regulations and assessing the risks of breaking into new markets for my employers. I also wrote dozens of reports about the best ways to stay compliant and make the most of exporting abroad. But they were complex and weren’t adding value to people from a non-legal background, like supply chain coordinators and project managers.

So, I decided to create Expordite® to make it easier! 

You can follow me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Medium.

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