HMRC Announces Phased Approach to CDS Export Migration in a Major Update

Today, the HMRC announced a major update to the CDS migration process for exporters. After a series of consultations with the industry, the UK government is implementing a phased approach for businesses moving to CDS for exports as follows: Between now and November 2023: High volume declarants who are able to migrate to the Customs Declaration Service by November 2023 will...

The Future of Customs Declarations – HMRC Consultation Call

On the 29th of June 2023, His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) published a Call for Evidence to engage with stakeholders about the future of customs declarations. The Call is part of the initiatives outlined in the Spring Budget 2023 – specifically, the “Simplifying Customs Declarations Review” initiative, which aims to streamline customs declaration requirements. Traders, freight forwarders, and other...

10 UK Export News You Might’ve Missed – Week #6

(Export News from Expordite is also published on LinkedIn) Welcome to this edition of the Expordite newsletter, covering the export and international trade news from week 6 of 2023. (Read last week’s updates here). But first, please check out our new video! It’s called “How to Look Up Customs Codes and Export Measures with Expordite” and it tells you how to use Expordite software...

HMRC Replaces CHIEF With CDS for Import Declarations

HMRC, in a significant move towards the digital transformation of the UK’s governmental services, is replacing its decades-old import declarations software this week.

The new system, known as “Customs Declarations Service,” or “CDS,” is an essential upgrade for British international traders. It replaces the “Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight software,” or “CHIEF,” which has been around since 1994.