10 UK Export News You Might’ve Missed – Week 28

week 28

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In this edition of Export News from Expordite, we’ll cover the top 10 UK export news and headlines from week 28 of 2023 — July 10-16, 2023.

Key News:

  • UK Signs CPTPP
  • Wheat Exports at 7 Year High
  • Over 2,500 parcels Stopped at Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre

General Export News

1. UK signs treaty to join vast Indo-Pacific trade group as new data shows major economic benefits

“Business and Trade Secretary Kemi Badenoch has formally signed the treaty to accede to CPTPP trade group in New Zealand this morning [Sunday], kickstarting the UK’s membership of a modern and ambitious trade deal spanning 12 economies across Asia, the Pacific, and now Europe.

The Secretary of State is in Auckland to put pen to paper on this mega deal, alongside New Zealand Trade Minister Damien O’Connor, Canadian Trade Minister Mary Ng, Japanese Minister for Economic Revitalisation Goto Shigeyuki and Australian Deputy Trade Minister Tim Ayres.

The signature is the formal confirmation of agreement for the UK to join the group, following substantial conclusion of negotiations earlier this year. The Government will now seek to ratify the agreement, which will include parliamentary scrutiny, whilst other CPTPP countries complete their own legislative processes.”

Source: GOV.uk


2. Electronic Trade Documents Bill could save UK firms £1.1bn over next decade, minister claims

“UK traders could save £1.1bn over the next decade should the Electronic Trade Documents Bill successfully be passed into law this month, tech and digital economy minister Paul Scully has said.

The Electronic Trade Documents Bill will give digital documentation the same legal footing as paperwork in trade and trade finance.

It cleared the Commons on Monday and will now return to the House of Lords, the Press Association reports. The upper chamber has already scrutinised the bill, but peers will now have the chance to consider amendments made by MPs.”

Source: The Institute of Export & International Trade


3. NTE 2023/12: The Export Control (Amendment) Regulations 2023

“The Export Control Joint Unit (ECJU) has amended the Export Control Order 2008 (“the 2008 Order”) and the retained Council Regulation (EC) number 428/2009 of 5 May 2009 setting up a community regime for the control of exports and the transfer, brokering and transit of dual-use items (“the retained Dual-Use Regulation”).

The Export Control (Amendment) Regulations 2023 amends Schedule 4 to the 2008 Order, moving Haiti from Part 4 of Schedule 4 to Part 3.

The Export Control (Amendment) Regulations 2023 amends Annex I to the retained Dual-Use Regulation, which lists dual-use goods, software and technology subject to export controls.

This reflects changes to the control lists administered by 2 international regimes, the Wassenaar Arrangement and the Australia Group.”

Source: GOV.uk


4. ONYX awarded inaugural Made in the UK, Sold to the World Award

“NOTTINGHAM-based ONYX Insight has been recognised by the UK government’s Department for International Trade for its export strategy. 

Recognised in the digital category, ONYX was awarded an inaugural ‘Made in the UK, Sold to the World’ award. The company demonstrated how its innovative technology is used to help the wind industry work better and smarter. Accelerating the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.

ONYX Insight provides expert data monitoring and engineering consultancy services to those in the wind industry across the globe, in addition to research and development into new technologies and products worldwide. ”

Source: OGV Energy


Food Export News

5. Wheat exports at 7 year high: Grain market daily

“Yesterday, HMRC released the latest trade data, including volumes exported and imported up to the end of May. As is well known, the UK held a substantial exportable surplus of feed wheat last season (2022/23), so how much of it was shifted by the end of May, and what might that mean for this season’s wheat outlook?

Between the months of July and May, the UK exported 1.477 Mt of total wheat (including durum), more than 3 times the volume shipped by this point in 2021/22, and the largest volume exported up to that point in the season since 2015/16. In total, 156.12 Kt of wheat was exported from the UK in May. While this pace was down slightly from the previous few months, it’s still the greatest volume for that month since 2015/16.”

Source: AHDB


6. Australian sugar sets sail to UK, a first under sweet new free trade agreement

“The Ashes may have soured ties between Australia and the UK last week but Aussie sugar is set to ease tensions with a sweet deal.

The first shipment of raw sugar exported to the United Kingdom under the new Australia-UK free trade agreement is being loaded in Townsville today.

The value of Australian sugar exports to the UK is now expected to reap $74 million per year, from nothing in the past five years.

Queensland Sugar Limited said the reduced tariffs on Australian sugar would make the UK a commercially viable option for Australian exporters.”

Source: ABC New AU


Miscellaneous Export News

7. Over 2,500 parcels stopped at Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre

“Enforcement officers from the VMD participated in Operation LASCAR-ANCORD organised by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and Border Force at Heathrow Worldwide Distribution Centre.

Over 2500 parcels were identified as containing veterinary medicines, mainly flea and worming treatments for companion animals, destined for the USA.

Upon investigation, over 6,700 products, with an estimated retail value of £200,000, were found to be illegal and subsequently seized by VMD inspectors.

The medicines were seized under Regulation 31 (Exports) of the Veterinary Medicines Regulations. This regulation states that no person may export a veterinary medicinal product for use in another country unless that product may be lawfully supplied or administered there.”


8. Airbus Helicopters reiterates commitment to build export H175Ms in the UK despite Saudi plans

“Airbus Helicopters insists its site in Broughton, North Wales will host the only final assembly line (FAL) for the H175M, and says a proposed joint facility for the military rotorcraft in Saudi Arabia will be focused solely on customisation and completion activities.

The airframer is offering the super-medium-twin for the UK’s ongoing New Medium Helicopter (NMH) requirement and, if successful, intends to locate the H175M assembly line in Broughton, where the group already builds commercial aircraft wings.

In addition to assembling up to 44 airframes for the Royal Air Force (RAF), Airbus Helicopters has previously said the UK plant would also manufacture all H175Ms for the export market.”

Source: FlightGlobal


9. The U.K. Has Slapped an Export Ban on a $2.9 Million Alberto Giacometti Chandelier to Allow a Local Institution to Acquire the Work

“The U.K. is fighting to keep a unique bronze chandelier by Alberto Giacometti within its borders, issuing a temporary export ban to give a local institution a chance to match the £2.4 million ($2.9 million) purchase price on the work.

This is the second Giacometti sculpture to catch the committee’s eye in recent years. In 2016, the U.K. attempted to stop the overseas sale of Femme (1928–29), the only all-plaster piece by the artist in the nation, for £2 million ($2.9 million).

The U.K. can issue export bans if an object of cultural significance has been in the country for over 50 years, exceeds the financial thresholds for an Open General Export Licence, and meets at least one of the three Waverley criteria, which evaluate an object’s connection with national history and life, its aesthetic importance, and its value to scholarship.”

Source: Artnet News


10. BCC Trade Manifesto: International Trade Vital For UK Growth

“Boosting exports is key to the UK’s future economic prosperity, but firms of all sizes are facing a wide range of stumbling blocks. These include inflationary pressures, a restructuring of global supply chains and a continuing flow of new requirements from the EU trade relationship.

The BCC’s newly revised Trade Manifesto, supported by logistics company WTA Group, sets out a comprehensive list of steps to get more UK businesses, currently just 10%, involved in international trade.

It builds on other recent research by the BCC that found:

  • 54% of businesses say smoother customs procedures are the key to boosting UK exports
  • 42% favour lowering tariffs, while 35% said there is a need to reduce regulatory barriers, and 29% want better support for smaller businesses

Among the Manifesto’s key proposals are:

  • Establishing an Exports Council to focus on boosting the UK’s services, green, life sciences, and advanced manufacturing exports – achieving the £1tn exports target early in 2030s
  • Raising the proportion of UK exports done digitally to 60% by end of the decade
  • Building upon trade documents digitalisation by moving to online border processes at pace.
  • Updating the UK Export Strategy with specific support and promotion for green exporters.
  • Earmarking additional dedicated UK Export Finance for green trade.
  • Reaching an agreement between the UK and EU in the coming months on electric vehicles and batteries’ rules of origin, to avoid damaging new tariffs.”

Source: BCC


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