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Before Expordite came to be, our founder Kate Sukhanova worked with a social enterprise BuySocial, helping them scale to reach international markets. They partnered with eBay and created an e-commerce store, enabling worldwide shipping to reach more customers, locally and worldwide.

To support them with reaching as many customers as possible through the platform, Kate optimised their listings and advised on exporting to different countries, including Brazil and Hong Kong. As a result, BuySocial managed to reach over 50 countries and earn a “Top Rated Seller” badge on eBay.

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That was when Kate realised that there was more she could do to help BuySocial scale. She built a micro-SaaS solution which showed insights about their customers through map visualisations and region-based customer statistics. By utilising this region-specific data, the marketing team at BuySocial was able to direct their sales, marketing, and localisation efforts towards the right markets and maximise their outreach. They were also able to tailor their buyer personas better.

Now, we have a question for you:

Can Such a Solution Help YOU?

Inspired by Kate’s success, Expordite team is planning to introduce a similar solution for those of  you who sell on eBay or Etsy and want to scale your business – both locally and internationally. The solution will offer visualisation of where your eBay or Etsy customers are located, and provide data-driven insights on your audience. These insights will in turn help you narrow down your target market and regions, and make it easier to create buyer personas and tailor your marketing and localisation efforts.

We would like to know if that’s something that would benefit you. If you sell on eBay or Etsy and want to scale your business, sign up for our updates about this project!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Founder, Expordite


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