HMRC Extends TSS Until the End of December 2023

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Earlier this week, HMRC announced that it will extend its Northern Ireland Trader Support Service (TSS) programme until 31st of December 2023. This service supports businesses trading with Northern Ireland.

In this article, I’ll explain what TSS is, what added value it can bring you, and why extending it is the right approach.

What is TSS?

After Brexit, the UK and the EU implemented an agreement called the Northern Ireland Protocol. It’s regulating the trade between GB and NI.

The TSS programme is HMRC’s free digital platform that supports traders with compliance with the Protocol. Set up in 2020, TSS facilitates the movement of goods between GB and NI by offering what’s called a “simplified journey.” I’ll give you an example of how it works.

How TSS Works — an Overview

To use TSS, you as the trader:

  • must register with the platform
  • must ensure that your carrier/haulier has also done so, and
  • must make sure that they’re registered with HMRC’s GVMS system.

First, a TSS-registered trader or a haulier makes an Entry Summary Declaration before shipping the goods from GB to NI. That’s not required if the goods are moving the other way.

Second, TSS automatically generates a Simplified Frontier Declaration. It’s based on the data in the Entry Summary Declaration.

Third, the haulier generates a Goods Movement Reference (GMR) number through the GVMS. After that, the goods can start their journey to NI.

Fourth, once the goods arrive, the trader must submit the Supplementary Declaration and pay the duties and taxes due. You can watch this webinar to learn more.

And finally, TSS will make a Final Supplementary Declaration at the end of each month.

I know that it seems like a daunting process!

But as a legaltech founder, I’m thrilled to see how much difference the TSS, which is essentially a legaltech solution, has made to the British traders. I’m hoping to do the same with Expordite for those entrepreneurs who want to take their product beyond the UK and have to use CDS to do so.

Why Extend TSS?

“The government is committed to ensuring traders are supported throughout 2023 to meet the requirements of moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, including tailoring this support in response to the changes the government is seeking to make to the Northern Ireland Protocol”


Currently, over 47,000 traders are using TSS to move goods between GB and NI.

By extending the service , HMRC is giving more traders a chance to alleviate the regulatory burden on trade between GB and NI. They can now be confident that they’ll have support for at least another year.

Want to trade with the rest of the world as well as NI? Sign up for Expordite updates to find out how we can help you unlock the international markets!

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