10 UK Export News You Might’ve Missed – Week #5

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Expordite export news week 5

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Welcome to this edition of the Expordite newsletter, covering the export and international trade news from week 5 of 2023.

(Read last week’s updates here).

General Export & Trade Updates

1. Launch of IOE&IT Cymru is ‘good news for Welsh businesses,’ minister to say

“The Welsh government’s minister for the economy, Vaughan Gething, will tonight (2 February) welcome the establishment of a new Welsh branch of the Institute of Export & International Trade (IOE&IT) as “good news for Welsh businesses”.

IOE&IT Cymru is being launched at an event at the Welsh parliament, the Senedd, which will also include speeches from the UK government’s Welsh minister David TC Davies, the IOE&IT’s director general Marco Forgione and its chairman Terry Scuoler.”

Source: IOE&IT

2. UK and EU set for Northern Ireland Brexit deal

“Britain and the European Union have struck a customs deal that could pave the way to ending years of post-Brexit wrangling over Northern Ireland.

The Times understands that Brussels has accepted a proposal that would avoid the need for routine checks on products destined for the province.”

Source: The TimesIOE&IT

3. Government updates: reminder on CDS deadline, changes to transit guidance and STW review

“The Joint Customs Consultative Committee (JCCC) is issuing a reminder on the upcoming switch to the government’s new Customs Declaration Service (CDS) for exports.

The HMRC-sponsored forum is advising businesses of the need to use CDS for export declarations by 30 November 2023, when the final switchover from the old Customs Handing of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system will occur.

From that point on, CHIEF will be fully closed.

The final deadline for exporters had previously been extended by eight months”

Source: IOE&IT

4. Royal Mail Latest Export Service Update

“We continue to make progress in exporting an increasing number of items to a growing number of international destinations. We are using alternative solutions and systems, which are not affected by the recent cyber incident and have been successfully despatching parcels and letters which were in our network before the cyber incident and our services which have recently reopened. 

As a result of this progress and the continuing growth in capability of our alternative export solutions, we can now announce some further restoration of services via our online shipping solutions. From 19:00 on Friday 3rd February we will be resuming our three core non-personal correspondence International Standard (untracked) services to all destinations for business contract customers.”

Source: Royal Mail

5. Brexit Britain set for huge trade boost with two of world’s fastest-growing economies

“British businesses could be set for a massive multi-billion post-Brexit export boost with two of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Both Malaysia and Chile have joined a prized pan-Pacific trading bloc CPTPP which the UK will become a member of later this year.”

Source: Express.co.uk

UK Food Exports News

6. Export performance impacts UK product availability

“Trade had a varied impact on domestic product availability, with cheese and SMP showing opposing trends. Reduced export volumes for butter, combined with the lower domestic production, meant total availability remained roughly in line to year earlier levels. With SMP, the reduced export volumes in the Jan-Oct period led to improved availability. Milk powder exports from Jan-Oct fell by roughly 21,000 tonnes (25%) which helped shore up domestic availability despite a 6% drop in production volumes.”

Source: AHDB

7. Pecan Deluxe Candy overcomes Brexit hurdles with DDP European deliveries

“UK confectionery business Pecan Deluxe Candy has responded to increased challenges of exporting goods due to additional Brexit-related administration through offering customers in Europe an alternative buying process, reports Neill Barston.

According to the company, there has been a positive response to its use of DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) services for its range of toppings and inclusions, which operate on the basis of supplying firms taking care of the additional tax duties for customers that do not want to be burdened by extra logistics issues – a situation that has led to many British SME companies significantly reducing or ceasing exports to the EU due to the additional time and cost involved.

However, Pecan Deluxe believes its latest form of delivery service could prove significant in overcoming such trade hurdles that it acknowledged could have potentially damaged relationships with existing European businesses.”

Source: Confectionery Production

8. UK red meat exporters bound for USA

“With red meat exports worth almost £35 million last year, six exporters from across the UK will attend the Annual Meat Conference in Texas next month to showcase the high quality and sustainability of red meat products from the UK.

The event will provide UK exporters with the opportunity to network with more than 1,500 meat professionals from across the US.

In October, the first shipment of lamb from the UK arrived in the US after more than two decades.”

Source: The Press and Journal

9. Has the Brexit fishing promise come true?

“The sheer cost of all the additional export paperwork is quite eye-watering. Whilst the extra costs have in part been absorbed into the selling prices to some EU customers, this has clearly resulted in the loss of some long-standing smaller EU (namely French) customers.”

Source: BBC News

Vehicle Exports News

10. BMW in talks with UK government over £75m grant for electric Mini

The German automotive giant BMW is in talks with the government about a £75m funding package that would secure production of electric Minis at its Oxfordshire plant.

Roughly 200,000 Minis are built at Oxford each year, with about 80% destined for export markets.

The plant employs about 4,000, making it easily one of the most significant in Britain.”

Source: Sky News

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